Sue Kreitzman in Living Color

It’s always a treat to step into the wonderful world of  Sue Kreitzman.
  • I completely agree! Love Sue.

  • How I love this woman! She is so vivid.

  • I remember when you featured this marvelous artist and beautiful woman, dear Ari!
    An inspiration…

  • Had to say this lady is awesome!! I would like to share it on my facebook, come for bridal gowns and style ideas.

  • Wonderful charismatic Lady !
    These women are so inspiring 🙂



  • Sue is a magnificent, creative and warm woman who I respect and admire.

  • So amazing to see an older woman surround herself with gorgeous, vibrant colors instead of the drab greys, navy blues and blacks so many of the over 60s crowd start to wear.

    Love this lady's style. Absolutely stunning.