Marie and Milly

I am coming to the end of my month long travels through Rome, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. It has really been an incredible few weeks traveling with the film and hearing how the Advanced Style ladies inspire people around the world. I have met so many wonderful people who have taken the time to show me around and welcome me into their homes. Marie and Milly, friends for over 40 years, were such fantastic role models, proving to both Lina and I that fun does not stop in your 60s, 70s’ and 80’s. In fact they could drink more champagne and tell way better stories than either one of us. I am excited to be heading home in a few days for the US release of Advanced Style The Documentary and can’t wait for my next adventure.

  • They are both just so beautiful!. Good luck on the film. Did you say travels that included Africa? Please be sure you are okay. This Ebola thing is very scary. Take care.

  • Russell Hoban

    Really enjoyed your interview on Radio New Zealand, Sunday morning 11th August. So refreshing to come across your opinions.

  • Not only am I proud to share in the glory of having seen your absolutely inspirational documentary, but also knowing that these stunning women are fellow South Africans and proudly sporting maturity!
    Great work Ari!

  • They are very nice & wore beautiful dresses.