Joy Venturini Bianchi, San Francisco

I spent the weekend in San Francisco celebrating my dad’s 65th birthday and the Bay Area release of Advanced Style. My dear friend Joy Venturini Bianchi did an incredible job moderating a post-screening Q&A. She raised some very important points about elder care and highlighted the fact that we must rethink our treatment and attitudes towards senior communities.

Lina and I are off to Los Angeles for Friday’s premiere of Advanced Style. We will be doing a series of Q&A’s throughout the weekend. Advanced tickets are available HERE!

  • Love Joy's elegant monochrome style. Wow! It's great that through the movement of Advanced Style older women are being given a platform to speak out not only about looking good but more serious issues such as elder care and the way senior communities are treated.

  • Great composure in this photograph from the ground up with the various colored concrete under your subject and of the subject herself.

  • Anonymous

    An inspiring and chic woman! Thank you for your blog, Ari; it's the kind of blog we need more of.

  • Anonymous

    Hi again, Ari, I live in Los Angeles and am excited to see the movie on Friday. The Music Hall is one of my favorite cinemas. Your blog has been an inspiration for my own blog:

    I hope to meet you after Friday's screening which I will be attending with my husband.

    Kindest regards,

  • What a gorgeous and stylish lady.

  • Wow, such a cool and beautiful lady. Great lipstick colour too!

  • Great photographs…. very colorful in this age. Her fitness in this age is unbelievable.

  • Anonymous

    Love, love, LOVE this woman's style! I'm going to see the movie tonight and I can't wait.

    C in Portland, OR

  • She looks amazing!! love the chic!!


  • I need these glasses! Any idea who makes them?