Cape Coat and Pearls

Joyce Carpati is one of the most elegant and confident women I know. She has recently started taking signing lessons again at 82-years-old, after performing opera in her teens. I can’t wait to hear her perform!

  • Joyce is so stunning in every way! I just watched the doc last night and it was such fun to hear her sing as well (even just briefly).

  • CarolL

    I have read your blogs almost since the beginning, and love to follow Joyce. She is just the epitome of elegance and good taste. I saw the documentary last week. Wonderful, heart-warming, and inspirational. Hope to see it again.

  • gorgeous. this is exactly my hope for when I am older. thank you for doing this.

  • Amy

    I hope I"m this amazing at this age.

  • Stunning, striking, stylish, and sassy — my kinda woman!

  • <3 🙂

  • I had the pleasure of seeing this woman, as well as all of the others in your documentary. As a soon-to-be-60 year old, I feel I've been literally put out to pasture. However, seeing these women has given me a new lease on my age. Thank you. Joyce Carpati is the most elegant, beautiful, stylish woman I've ever seen. She is my new icon! Even my dog, Chippy, loved her!

  • Style and elegance, muakes from Seville (Spain)!!.

  • Anonymous

    I'm 64, an artist and rancher and I live in the boondocks of Northern California. Whenever I need a pick-me-up I reach for Advanced Style. Even a rancher living out here can dress in style if she wants to. Thank you for your contribution to advancing happiness for men and women everywhere! – Renee

  • Joyce has exquisite style

  • sure good charming for senior women

  • Anonymous

    So tasteful. Such an inspiration! Not just of aesthetics, but of sensibility.

  • Just saw the docu, and HAD TO get a copy of the book—all great…but Joyce? Joyce! Joyce! Joyce! You are amazing, inspiring, brilliant! Ari, thank you for bringing all these amazing women to us. WE NEED TO SEE MORE!!!

  • I find her radiant and regal; so elegant.

  • Anonymous

    You are beautiful, and yes, regal is your awesome..

  • I loved your documentary on Advanced Style. It brought back many wonderful memories of my Grandmother who never left the house without her red lipstick, she was always dresaid to the nines, Mrs. Carpati reminds me of her. My grandmother was a beautiful woman and so is Mrs. Carpati , I am 42 years old and a grandparent and I aspire to be like these women. Love and many blessings!
    Jeanne A. Gutierrez

  • Gorgeous! You're documentary is incredible. Thank you.

  • I'm also 42 and hope to look as great as these ladies some day. My grandfather is 93 and has skin like silk. My mother is 64 and taught me to never leave the house without my make-up on. There's a lot to be said for confidence and style. God bless! BTW….Loved your documentary. Good work! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Just watched the doc and had to check out your blog. Amazing, wonderful, stylish and beautiful women in the doc, and people on your pages. Although all of them are fantastic, Joyce is my favorite – stylish and cool. Thank you for this!

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if she is one of the ladies who got modeling work? She looks like an advanced age model to me <3 Anna Wintour, are you listening?

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