Winter Coat Options

  • Anonymous

    Just watched advanced style on Netflix. I loved it! I had to find your blog as soon as I finished watching it. Thank you for opening my eyes. So inspirational. I smiled at various times while watching and it has changed the way I look at fashion even though I live in a small town in Washington state. Thank you!!!

  • Amazing Coats all very artistic! Beautiful ladies having fun with life!
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  • A fan of coat, hat and gloves, the classics are favs. A young woman in the 60's, I love the the put-together outfits. That wild b&w stripe draped affair is wonderful, but the fur with yards of pearls and that fanciful gold bird clasp just kills me. of course the pose of the wearer is the scene steale and gets my vote. Disclaimer: My personal pref would not include fur. In days when animals were used for food and their pelts used to keep families warm, it was a necessity. Now days, I don't agree with slaying animals for their skins or tusks.

  • Karen

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I especially love the red hair, pink nails, and leopard bag.

  • This is a great post, I am going to be one of those ladies one day….stylist till the end

  • Oh my! So much style in one post. I like the african-american lady's coat, actually her whole outfit, the best.

  • Connie Murray

    Just saw the documentary Advanced Style and the ladies are so fantastic with their fashions — love them all!

  • Anonymous

    I'm in love with those outfits! And the photos are beautiful. Take a look at our website filled with fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

  • Olwen

    Just love Joyce – she always seems to talk to me with her sense of style. Now if I could just have her collection of Chanel handbags to go with my collection of Blanhiks an Choos!

  • My goal is to be one of these ladies someday… to just look and be fabulous! I don't even know where to start with comments, they were all amazing.

    Probably the lady with the brooch attached to a long string of pearls struck me the most. Holy Wow… I NEVER would have thought of that!

  • Eva

    I can't fully express how Advanced Style has affected my thoughts on personal style and aging. I found myself feeling envious of you, Ari, for getting to talk to these very interesting women! Keep it coming- our society needs to change how we view elders as well as aging. What a great inspiration! Bravo!

  • Anonymous

    Watching your film as I type this. Love it! Love it! Love it!!! Love the gorgeous, fearless ladies you profiled. Realized I am merely existing in fashion and it's time to redefine my style. Your blog is over the moon!

  • Very interesting, love the photography here!

  • Anonymous