A Serendipitous Meeting

I was walking home from a coffee date with Ilona in the West Village when I spotted the stunning woman above. When I approached her to ask for a photograph she replied, “Darling don’t you recognize me, it’s Emily from Paris.” I had photographed Emily two years ago when she was on vacation in France and I was in Paris shooting for my book. It was so much fun to see her again and I can’t wait to get together for some more photos after the holidays. Check out Emily’s equally fantastic summer travel look below.

  • I love the practical aspect of her Winter outfit, combined with her bright accessories including her matching hair!


  • CarolL

    I so wish I could do color like she does. So striking: the scarf, the hair, gloves, boots…even the earrings, which light up her face.

  • Mmm… the first outfit is awful (sorry..), the second is wonderful, but everything pales near her stunning eyes and face, doesn't it?

  • I love the fact that she is not in comfortable shoes !!!!!!

  • I'm so glad I discovered this blog. I love the pictures and the amazing sense of timeless style

  • My Goodness! I am so happy to have discovered this blog. This is how I'd like to look when I age, This is called living the life every bit, life is beautiful, so live it beautifully which people on this blog definitely do.
    My favorite is her last picture

  • Anonymous

    Oh she is magnificent and ephemeral in the white outfit! What a lovely angel!