Winter Color

When I stopped this woman to take her photograph she said, “Do you want to know why I wear this?It’s because everyone looks the same dressed in black and grey.” I always love seeing a bit of color on a grey winter’s day.

  • your blog is wonderful as always:)

  • Her coat, shoes and bicycle are looks like very beautiful. mentalist

  • This woman's smile lights up a gray day. She is lovely in her confidence.

  • Anonymous

    Oh! She's wearing a capote! A traditional blanket coat made out of trading blankets (e.g. Hudson bay) and worn by Voyageur/fur traders. Warm and true vintage…like 17th century vintage.

  • I'm not really in to fashion, but when I found out about this blog I had to look. Thankyou for expressing what I have said for years!!! Beauty and age can coexist in the same vessel!!!

  • A wise lady…and I love the colour she is wearing.

  • I so agree about wearing color. It seems like the earth has gone to gray now and that green is just fabulous.

  • She is totally right. That green coat is amazing.

  • This woman is looking like beautiful and wise.Great subject you have chosen.

  • doddington

    The colour of her coat really compliments her skin tone she looks gorgeous

  • A wise lady…and I love the colour she is wearing.

  • t

    What an amazing coat she has!!

  • Totally fab look!

  • She looks incredible, the coat looks stunning on her!!

  • Anonymous

    Color, I adore you!