Handmade in Tokyo

This woman made almost everything that she is wearing. Cool, right?!
  • That is SO cool!

  • She's amazing! I love her creativity and individuality. A lovely lady.

  • Wonderful!

  • What strength in the look and comfort too.

  • The strength in her look is terrific.

  • wow cant imagine that being me lol

  • Lovely and very individual. Seems to fit perfectly to her character. Like it a lot.

  • What a delightful blog, I'm over here from TGB, I'll be back!

  • The Quilters Guide says: Sashiko is a true Japanese art form, originally a commoner's way to decorate a garment.

    Marvelous stuff indeed.

  • Beautiful!

  • Hi Ari, love your blog! I've just started a fashion blog, (fashion with a conscious) and I took a few photos from you and wrote about what a fantastic blog this is. Hope that was ok, otherwise please let me know. Best /Sandra

  • Your blog is so beautiful! I’m in love with it!
    I’ll be happy to know your opinion about my blog)

    Best wishes,
    Diana Cloudlet


  • This Look very pretty on her! now she look younger and can live like a girl..;)

  • i love colorful dresses like one of these in red 🙂

  • Sulayne Bonelli Barrett

    Cool that she made almost everything she’s wearing?? Certainly! #goals

  • Usama Khalid