Winter in Tokyo

  • I love my Orthoheel thong sandals. I wear them at home but see I could wear outside in winter with socks. Aren't they uncomfortable that way?

  • Gosh gosh they look amazing. So amazing. 😀 What well dressed ladies!

  • I'm loving the pictures of ladies in their kimonos in Japan. I'm glad to see that they still wear them, at least for some occasions. I lived in Japan in the '60's and always enjoyed seeing these lovely styles.

  • Your photo of the two ladies is so bright & cheery, just like them. Kudos.

  • Oh, how fantastic! Kimonos and fur… The handbags give such a chic air to the style.

  • Sulayne Bonelli Barrett

    Wow how refreshing to see examples of non-western style! Thanks for this.