Robert W. Richards

“I like clothes with structure because there is an old man underneath here.” –Robert W. Richards, Illustrator
  • Interesting perspective. Usually older people go baggy to hide what is underneath. I like it.

    Jacket print is great. Must be custom.

  • Anonymous

    In my boring suburbs in So Ca, some would say Richard belongs in a Sanitarium up north, but I say, he is a man with chutzpah and an eye for drama. I warmed up to Richard's style statement quickly. As an Illustrator, he is a walking example of imagination. Richard, I like your style.

  • Anonymous

    OMG he is devine. I admire the set of the shoulders and love the colors and patten of the fabric.
    Thank you

  • Anonymous

    Love the suit and his comments and I agree that he is divine!

  • Anonymous

    Really nice cut! I have always loved garments with structure.

  • love the way this gentleman has embraced personal style!

  • The older I get the more I appreciate clothing that has structure to it. Robert always looks perfect.

  • I think he's sooooooo sexy!Personally I'd love to find out what's under there! Love his look, love his attitude!

  • Fabulous!