Near Ginza

I ran into this gorgeous woman on the way to the premiere of The Advanced Style Documentary in Tokyo today. I’m in Japan for the release of the film and an exhibition of my work which will be held, in Kobe, at Sogo department store June 4th. I’ll be signing books and taking photos all day, so stop by and say hello if you are nearby. For more information on the exhibition CLICK HERE.

  • She's just lovely!

  • omg yes diversity! please do not forget about women of colour who dress fabulously!!

  • Anonymous

    Not only is this lady a sophisticated example of aging with style, she carries herself with confidence. Very pretty indeed, and dresses divine.

  • Sian

    Of all the cities in Japan, Kobe is perhaps the easiest to negotiate and is full of lovely places to visit, as well as great food. Kobe's residents have always been considered some of the most stylishly dressed people in Japan, so I am sure that you will be delighted by the number of well-dressed ladies to photograph. Look out for some of the terrific fashion magazines that specifically target senior women too.

  • Nagi

    Now I knew your exhibition in Kobe Japan! Though I used to be nearby, but now is not. Wish I could be there and see you… Anyway I'm very happy and feel nostalgia for my grandpa with your film. Your book has been kinda my bible since I found it in NewYork in 2013. Always I try taking something from its and living like myself

  • Anonymous

    I wish I could go to ur exhibition as I am from Kobe but now live in Tokyo. I saw ur Advanced style movie just today! I have ur book too. I aspire to live and be like them when I am older. Sorry to hear about Lynn- she had so much energy it is hard to believe she's now gone. RIP.
    Thank you so much for introducing them to us :-). Makiko

  • Anonymous

    I wish I could go to ur exhibition in Kobe as I am originally from there but now live in Tokyo. I saw ur documentary just today! Sorry about Lynn- she was full of life and sorry to hear she's gone. RIP, Lynn.
    I aspire to live and be like them as I grow older. Thanks Ari. Makiko