Artist Ilona Royce Smithkin in Her Provincetown Studio

I try to visit Ilona every year at her summer place in Provincetown. This time I was lucky to spend a whole week soaking in all of her wonderful wisdom and positivity. Ilona has been painting and drawing everyday and will be having a show of her portraits of famous Provincetown artist at the museum this summer. If you happen to be near Provincetown this summer stop by The Karilon gallery at  447 Commercial Street to see some of Ilona’s work!

  • Anonymous

    Ilona is the quintessential artist, who's vision and great spirit inspires me, whenever I see her on media. Best of luck on her art exhibit, and may her sales be brisk. Best of everything, Ilona, you're terrific! (and you look and dress wonderful)

  • CarolL

    A gallery showing for Ilona. That is wonderful! I love this woman's style, her intellect, her wisdom, her artistic talent, her outlook… Wish I could meet her.

  • I agree with the above comments. Ilona you're an inspiration. And you're looking good.

  • Anonymous

    Carol -Well said. Me too, I'd love to meet her as well. I wish I had her vitality and attitude.

    I'll never forget a post on AS, where this gal shared photos of a much younger llona, and some portraits her mom commission llona to paint. She is a very talented gal. llona was part of the family, per se. Maybe Ari can repeat that feature again. It was marvelous.

  • Anonymous

    "Ilona Royce Smithkin Before Eyelashes"
    Thank you Ari. I found it!

  • Anonymous

    Ageless Dailies: Sensual at 94 – Ilona Royce Smithkin

    I LOVE this gal!

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE her and her eye lashes. Way to go Ari, just saw the film, I hope to be such a vibrant woman and artist some day!! Thanks for your inspiring me and my Hungarian roots. Much love!

  • She just seems to be the most delightful person, such timeless, joie de vivre! She truly glows with it!