Kobe Color

  • he looks so proud omg, love the mario patch on his pants


  • Anonymous

    I love that shirt. I've evolved in my relationship with color, and that shirt is whimsical and colorful. AS has taught me to embrace my celebration of color. Long live the color rainbow, and the folks with chutzpah to wear it.

    I am painting my home exterior (So Ca) in a medium banana cream (cheerful),with ultra white trim. I'm done with beige and browns.

  • He looks so stylish and cool!

  • Thanks Ari, its fine photograph !

    Thanks for all, it's my good memory to meet Ari and shoot me good shot, lol ❣️

  • Thanks Ari, its fine shooting !
    Thanks for all, its a great memory for me to meet Ari and good photograph.