Debra Rapoport, West Village

  • Simply BEAUTIFUL!!!

  • I love her necklaces

  • amazing stuff. Love it

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  • THAT was a fun day! off to breakfast at the JANE St hotel…it was still hot out then!

  • I love everything she has on and how she is wearing it all!!!! So jealous ?

  • This is just so chic. Love you <3

    Sofia Supichaya | Fashion, Travel & Lifestyle Blog

  • Debra in polka dots! What could be more compelling??

  • Eclectic chic. Lovely and confident.

  • Kind, beautiful and generous friend

  • I love that you picked that glorious day with wonderful weather to layer those baubles over your polka dots, Debra!

    I'll definitely try it out by stacking a couple of these Viktoria Hayman Black And Gold Bauble Bracelets that I got from Chic24Hours on my wrist.

  • Me encantan todos sus accesorios. Es genial.

  • Hi, Debra! We love the way that you're working that polka dot dress. You look fab!