Colleen, Long Beach

  • Love the hat! And that dress!!! Is it a halter? Gorgeous.

  • Beautiful!

  • ADVANCED sense of style…absolutely beautiful

  • She's always a stunner!

  • Classy, stylish…. and she KNOWS it! I could learn allot from her. :o)

  • Anonymous

    So very classy

    Now, I hope I can find your email on the blog……….because I just came back from NAPA and there is a woman YOU MUST MEET!

  • I Adore the dress!!

  • Anonymous

    Colleen is the most STUNNING lady I have ever seen in my whole life…She can totally keep up with every famous supermodel on the world and that's why I can see her on the cover of all of these high fashion magazines. She absolutely knows how to make a simple outfit look like a million dollar and I can't wait to see her on the runway in Paris/London/Milan/NYC one day 🙂

  • Love lovely Colleen. So happy i met her at Diana's party and at the Strand! Hope our paths cross again