Me My Body I by Sarah Jane Adams

When Ari asked me to write a piece on my body image, my immediate response was; Hmm, That’s not something I’ve ever thought about. My body is a vehicle, for me. The image is an illusion, it is not me. The image is open to interpretation, judgement, praise and criticism. I am very clear on that, which is why I don’t react to comments like ‘she looks good/bad (insert your own comment) often with the follow-up, ‘for her age’. Inside I am ageless. Here and now, I am within this particular vessel, my body. So, with gratitude, grace and acceptance, I intend to look after it, challenge it, stretch it, explore with it, to it’s maximum potential. Not simply for the body. For ME. – Sarah Jane Adams, 61

  • Taste of France

    I think everybody, inside, is ageless. We all vividly remember being children, being teens, being young adults. My mother, who died at age 90, said it often. Sadly, I didn’t always listen. Bravo to Sarah: she is more than her admittedly lovely exterior appearance.

  • erica harel

    Eloquently and admirably put.

  • Noemi Margit-Bako

    Good for her. Respect people who take care of their body.

  • Theresa LaSalle

    Very sexy confident woman…I believe on the inside..and I visibly seen on the outside.
    I love that she takes care of herself… every way.

  • I so hear you!!

  • publius

    Sassy! I like it 🙂

  • jill johnson

    Great photo

  • Admirable woman!

  • Winifred Ryan

    Interesting for me. For myself, the vessel has also been me in part as an archaeologist and physical scientist the vessel was so necessary to do the work getting at the information the mental part of me needed. And often the physical vessel was beaten up to do it. Now with age, I’m looking at leaving the work (I do more mental stuff in science now – fisheries related, don’t ask), and finding I’m still wanting to be so much more than what I am both physically and mentally. I don’t think we outgrow who we are.