Advanced Fashion: Sarah Jane Adams, Valerie von Sobel, and Beatrix Ost

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I shot these unpublished photos during my last book signing trip to NYC for Advanced Style: Older and Wiser. We decided to do a fun, last minute  shoot at Beatrix Ost’s house since so many ladies were in town for the book launch. Sarah and Valerie threw together looks from the clothes they were traveling with and we moved around Beatrix’s gorgeous building for a few different shots. I hope you enjoy!-Ari

  • Re st

    great shot

  • Wow!! I was wondering which fashion or accessories line this was for until I read that it was totally unplanned. You all amaze me!

  • la Contessa

    GOOD GRIEF……………this is PRICELESS!
    SOMEONE should pick this up for an ADVERTISEMENT!
    I wish I could have been the RUN AROUND and FETCH GIRL!!!!!!!!!
    I try and do stuff like this but my friends just do NOT GET IT!

  • Mage Bailey

    Marvelous, both your art and the ladies.

  • Chloe Lee

    Hello, I am currently researching into the style of older ladies as part of my fashion degree. Please could you take part in my short survey? Please pass this on! Thank you!

  • cephalopod


  • VarunaJithesh

    Ohh..different idea superb…

  • So much eye-candy makes me happy!!

  • katerina

    Looks like they are all very self indulgent wimmin with way too much time and money . None of them look happy…

    • Jeht Matous

      They all love what they are doing, and there are several interviews with each of them available for anyone who cares ( not that you care) on the net, and other videos and photos showing them modeling, individually,and with others.
      It is better to study than to comment with no knowledge. Often one can speak of one’s self, when trying to speak about others with no knowledge of who they are, or what makes them happy.
      As for me, they are each uniquely beautiful and amazing. I am so very honored that they share their beauty and advice with us so freely over the internet. I have learned much from each of them. You Go Queens, Go.

  • Amazing shots. So inspirational. They make getting older something to look forward to. Roll over, young fashionable wannabes!

  • margaret robinson

    Great inspiration, beautiful. more please

  • Tia Juana

    These ladies are everything