Casual Elegance


  • Elegant and classy ! Loving the on trend denim. You go girl 💕
    Dress The Part

  • CityGirl

    Loving this look!

  • Ivanna Gutina

    Nothing elegant about these shorts or exposing legs at such age. There is no harmony in the image. Wearing something long would make a world of a difference.

    • Ari Seth Cohen

      I don’t believe that people should be restricted by what society deems age appropriate. Why should you have to start covering up just because the signs of age become evident on your skin?

      • Ivanna Gutina

        Obviousely, this lady is going stylish – the blouse says so, the hat, everything. But it is a miss, she could have looked better, opt she out for something longer. And nowhere I said anything about standards 😉 Cheers.

    • Kathy Bryson

      I’m 66 and have a cohort of elders up to their 90s. The reluctance to expose legs and arms baffles me. This criticism baffles me. “Harmony” is irrelevant and an aberration in this chaotic world. Ivanka, if my body – honed to perfection by decades of childbearing, nursing, outdoor athletics with excessive sun exposure since infancy – offends, don’t look. I dress for fashion fun – and temperature comfort. Cashmere must be sleeveless and pants/jeans/shorts tight with plenty of spandex. Avert your eyes and seek Harmony elsewhere in the Universe.

      • Ivanna Gutina

        I don’t know where you have read that I am offended by aging body, Kathy. The blog is about style. Style is something that has to do with harmony, elegance.

  • Linda

    How delightful she looks. Casual chic.

  • katerina

    NO , JUST NO… those legs need to be hidden from view please…..

    • Advanced Style

      This is just the kind of attitude that makes older people feel ashamed of their aging and changing bodies. This blog is about celebration, not telling people to hide, cover up and be invisible.

  • Sally Stacey

    She looks great, including her legs.