Grece Ghanem



I have been following Grece Ghanem on Instagram for a while and finally got to meet up with her during New York Fashion Week. After posting a small video of her on the Advanced Style Facebook Page I was flooded with inspiring images of silver haired beauties from all over the world. If you would like to share your silver style shots CLICK HERE.

  • Rukshana Afia

    Why is it so hard to share the actual images ? 9/10 times I can share any text but there is no image .

  • Jeanene MacLean

    Grace is beautiful. Would love to follow her on Instagram but I cannot find her there. Your pictures of her are lovely though.

    • Jeanene MacLean

      Uh – never mind, I found her on Instagram after all. Helps to spell the name correctly, Lol. Thank you.

  • Sofia Knoxx

    You are the true inspiration for all women. Love the post and the pics too.

  • What a stunning lady. Looking at these beautiful shots makes me want to cut my hair short again, and wear more pink!

  • Andromeda Ada

    I love the dress!!!!!!wonderful!!!!

  • Risa Jackinsky

    What can I say?! Hot! Hot! Hot!

  • le nguyen
  • I love the dress! So chic!!!

    N, xoxo. /