Dale Olsson, Gold Coast, Australia


  • I adore the colourful happy style!

  • ID439276

    Reminds me of a mermaid.

  • Nick Ka

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  • Noemi Margit-Bako

    Sorry, do not like anything about the outfit.

    • Ari

      Why say sorry? And I don’t post photos for everyone to like or want to emulate the style. I post different forms of personal expression. Also I’m not being defensive I just want you to be aware that the people I photograph see these comments. Would this be something you would say to someone’s face or just write?

  • Melanie

    She’s a knock-out!

  • Faxon

    She is dressed like a flower. Green leafy stem and pink petals.

  • la Contessa

    Looks like you are meeting some FABULOUS LADIES!
    Tell me where is THE Gold Coast?

    • Ari

      East Coast near Brisbane

  • Linda

    She looks so fresh and lovely. This photo makes me happy.

  • Pamela-Marie Lumbroso

    How fabulous does she look! I love it

  • she looks awesome with this types of outfits

  • she looks gorgeous and lovely.

  • Her wearing is beautiful and elegant !

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