Volunteer With Meals on Wheels

When I was a young boy my mom used to volunteer with our local Meals on Wheels program. I remember getting in the car with my grandma and her to visit the homes of people in need of a hot meal. What struck me most was how much joy our quick interactions brought to the people we visited and how much impact social engagement can have on people who oftentimes become isolated as they get older. These memories continue to have a profound effect on the way I treat people and serve as some of my earliest inspirations for starting Advanced Style.

Recently I was approached by Meals on Wheels to help spread the word about their latest campaign, America Lets Do Lunch. Currently, 10 million seniors are wondering where their next meal will come from and millions of others live alone in isolation. I had the opportunity to visit the home of Jean Thorpe, an actress from Hollywood’s golden era, who was left unable to cook after an accident in her home. She greeted me with a huge hug, recounted stories from her days on set, and told me how much she has enjoyed the daily visits from her local Meals on Wheels volunteers. By volunteering your lunch break you can make a huge difference in the lives of people in need of hot meal and warm smile. I encourage anyone who has the time to check out the Meals on Wheels website AmericaLetsDoLunch.org volunteer to help a senior in need. You may even make a new friend!


  • Taste of France

    Bravo to you, Ari! For those who are feel they can’t commit to a regular gig delivering Meals on Wheels, it’s possible to fill in on holidays, to give the regulars a break. And it really is wonderful to take the time to chat with people. They are full of stories.

  • Heidi Lee Hoerman

    We did weekly MOW deliveries for a few years after our stints at the local food pantry distribution center became too much for our backs. We’ve moved now to a city where it wouldn’t be practical for us to continue but I highly recommend being a volunteer MOW driver. Although certainly one person can do a route, we found it really great to do as a couple. We also did deliveries for Pet Pals, which in our town delivered dog or cat food monthly to Meals on Wheels clients who needed the service.