Bow Ties and Buttons

You may have noticed from photos of Ari that he is a big fan of bow ties. The paisley one, above, really works for this man. The broccoli pins on his lapels also make this a very special look (on the right is a broccoli floret with a face, and on the left, his pin states “Listen to Your Mom, Eat Your Vegetables”). Add well-groomed ‘stache, ear-piercings, and hat, and you’ve got style.
  • great shot!! and i love ur blog!

  • Excellent!

    I came to this blog via the Cut’s link, and will be linking it myself. Speaking as a 30-something woman, I find these images and stories infinitely more encouraging about my future than commercials with some over-Botoxed actress selling moisturizer.

  • Add well-groomed 'stache, ear-piercings, and hat, and you've got style.