Cents of Humor

[Photo by Jill Lindsey]

This charming fellow was walking on Madison Ave when my friend Jill and I stopped him for a few shots. With a smile on his face, he told us that they would cost 15 cents a piece and later he jokingly remarked that we owed him $1.25. Not only does he have great style, but a wonderful sense of humor as well.

  • I really love this stylish man!! He is so lovely….I invite you to know my blog:
    Kisses (tell me what do yo think about it, please!!)

  • Sue

    Did you pay him? 😉

  • Can he be my grandpa?

  • barbara

    My most beloved site. You are getting better and better.
    Ari, you are like a truffle dog who detects the best motivs.
    Thank you for Mary and Red and Susan and all those other impressing people which I never would see without YOU.

  • Can he be my grandpa?

  • he looks charming and sophisticated; older people posses a true elegance that I have always admired.

    YOU ARE WHAT YOU WEAR @ clothesarecute.blogspot.com

  • haha he seems like a great guy

  • He looks positively SWEET!

  • The only thing better than a crotchety codger is a beautifully turned out crotchety codger.

    Where can I meet this guy? He rocks.

  • Anonymous

    Dashingly classic.