Debra: Goin to the Movies

No matter what Debra does, she does it with style. Color and texture are such important parts of her life from food to fashion. I took a small video of her on the way to the movies and she wrote a little piece about how she feels about “Dressing UP”. Debra is going to start writing here once and a while beginning in the next few weeks!

“Goin’ to the Movies”

So my thoughts are…. that no matter what you are about to do (wash the dishes) or where you are going (yoga class/the gym)
“DRESS UP”! That can mean anything. But my first rule is whatever you put on (the piece of clothing, the particular color or an accessory) it MUST FEEL “RIGHT” for you. Check in with yourself and be honest…”is this what I want to feel like; is this what I want to present to the world as ME today?” If not, change, take something off, or add another layer or accessory. Don’t THINK too much. Let your eyes and your body lead you and trust it.

TAKE all BLACK clothing and put them in the rear of your closet…use BLACK as an accent. It really works as an accent, it adds depth…also WHITE adds expansion!
Most of all have fun and play.

Oh yes and when you go to the movies be sure to take with you some healthy snacks…some raw nuts and some dried fruit like dates, apricots and figs. Then there won’t be the need to buy movie treats!
Enjoy the day!
With playful affection,

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  • I'm really looking forward to Debra's contributions to the blog. Loved this post too! Wondering what you mean, Debra, by "white adds expansion."

    Thanks for a wonderful blog–you're a true inspiration.

  • I'm really looking forward to Debra's contributions to the blog. Loved this post too! Wondering what you mean, Debra, by "white adds expansion."

    Thanks for a wonderful blog–you're a true inspiration.

  • debra is awesome! glad to see her here on a regular basis.

    i understand what she means about all black, but if one's outfit has an interesting mix of textures and simple/flattering silhouette, all-black can be a great way to dress, IMO.

    thanks for another terrific post!

  • AdvanvcedStyle

    I think Debra meant to not rely too heavily on black because color and uplift your spirit and change your mood! Black can definitely look very chic as well and great comment about the mix of textures !

  • Anna

    I am definitely looking forward to having more Debra!!

  • sandy

    debra you got it goin on…i like this sweater on you and just learned that perhaps i've been looking to much at size and should just try something on…thank you and i look forward to your writings, videos and any tips…

  • Debra

    Well, I was asked what I mean by WHITE is expansive. I mean that it adds light,lightness and spaciousness to the composition of your attire. It is an accent and allows other colors to pop. When I was in the flower design business I always found that a hit of whilte in a bouquet added depth and helped other colors to "pop",

    Now the story on wearing BLACK and putting your black clothes to the rear of you closet…that applies if you are trying to make a shift in your SYTLE….to try something new eliminate the ease of going for black. I love subtle and muted colors so that doesn't mean you have to go for BRIGHTS. Brights can also be just an accent with muted colors. To me that is a fabulous look. ENJOY

  • Thanks for post. It’s really imformative stuff.

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  • I agree…white can really make your colours stand out (even pastels!) Even a white necklace can do the trick.

  • I'm wearing ORANGE today, as I am a rare bird of paradise in this cold, grey glumness of winter! xxoo Patty

  • I love Debra's philosophy on black! Although I've vowed to wear more color, I can't seem to shake the black habit. I'm applying her method from now on. Black, get to the back!!

  • Lola

    None of these ladies and gentlemen are fat.

  • The only thing about wearing a hat to the movies though is that it can obstruct someone's view.

    Advanced Style is my new 'morning coffee'. I tune in around 7.30am and it gets me in a good headspace for the day. I work from home and can fall into the trap of checking my emails in my nightdress then I get caught up and before you know it is lunchtime. Not a bad thing, but checking out Advanced Style first thing has helped to change my approach. I get 'dressed' first as if I'm going out for the day, then I enter my study and feel so much more inspired and energised for the day ahead simply because of what I'm wearing. Thank you Debra and all the wonderful contributors this is fabulous gathering place.

  • I SO agree with Debra regarding "dressing up" for wherever you go. Whenever I hear the excuse "I love it but I have nowhere to wear it" as someone is looking at my wearable artworks at an arts festival, I respond, "I wear it to the grocery store, the post office, etc." When they say "You have to be tall to wear something like that," I respond, "You just told me how great I look in it, and I am 5 feet tall." When I hear, "You have to have a special outfit to wear that with", I tell them, "That IS the outfit!"
    Isn't it a fabulous thing to get to the point in life where you wear what you want without excuses or apologies!?! I do it for myself, but being stopped and complimented on my choices is always appreciated… especially being this close to 60.