Uptown Girl

My new friend Maayan, soon to be contributor to Advanced Style, and I went on a photo hunt the other day. We met some amazing people including one of our favorite singers Roberta Flack while shooting the fabulous Lynn Dell, The Countess of Glamour, at her store Off Broadway Boutique. On our way to the train Maayan, designer of The Lake & Stars, and I ran into this charming woman. We loved how she paired her neatly tied scarf with a chic hat and blazer. She told us that she was 85 years old and she looks great for any age!

  • This lady looks fantastic. Great accessories, love the scarf and hat.

  • cat

    wow great style! xx cat
    CiTiEs of B

  • so chic! i think i actually have a shirt like that, with all the polka dots! this lady is fantastic,



  • I love it. More!

  • sandra

    unbelievable! she is sharp.

  • Love the scarf–goes to show that you can wear fabulous accessories at any age!

  • SF

    Black and white is always a classic. And what a chic bag. I featured Advanced Style on my blog recently. Check it out at http://www.smartfashionista.ca

  • i agree with you! she looks so great!
    love the look(:


  • I really like her snappy black and white ensemble paired with feminine little Louis bag and peep toe shoes. Lovely.

  • I just love it! I remember as a young girl reading in a R. Dahl book (maybe the Twits?) about how true beauty is in someone's smile. I do believe this pic is the proof. Great lipstick choice too.
    melina bee

  • Anonymous