Japanese Style

This lovely and stylish woman came in the New Museum this week and we talked about her favorite brands Issey Miyake and Comme des Garcons. She prefers these Japanese labels for their artistry, and has been a fan of them for years. I hope she stops by again soon so we can talk more in depth about her style inspirations!

  • I love her glasses–they suit her perfectly. I've noticed that older women have taken to wearing bolder, larger, stylish eyeglass frames. Considering that as we age, our skin loses colour, and our hair turns gray, the frames become a great counterbalance to our newly-pale countenance!

  • She looks fantastic, I love her look!
    Brilliant blog, I love it!

  • Very daring. Always interesting and inspiring.
    Keep posting.
    Love from Spain

  • gih

    That's a perfect look she got. I like the style what she wears.

  • Wow – I love your blog! what a wonderful idea to let our older generation show us what they've got!

  • She is lovely and stylish. Nice outfit – the glasses, the lipstick and the printed dress all work really well together.

  • A chic look w/ an offbeat flair (that jacket!!) Love her taste in designers.

  • I love the print. Although you refer to Japanese designers and aesthetics, the print itself reminds me a bit of textiles from Ghana.

  • Mim


  • TazKitty

    Just discovered your site through a CT newspaper article. I have so many questions!!

  • she looks fantastic 🙂

    nice blog 🙂

  • I want her glasses!

  • I hope she comes back, too, so we can learn more about her! Her dedication to a brand is interesting.

  • Anonymous

    I respect your practice of only posting positive feedback. But I also question it

  • Anonymous

    I respect your practice of only posting positive comments. But I also question it.

  • Anonymous

    Ilona. A gifted artist. And she doesn't cook. The perfect life'

  • Anonymous

    Just started chemo last week. What can you do with bald and stylish?

  • Taz Kitty

    How do you just get over the fear you are doing a fashion no no?

  • While I'm not necessarily a fan of typical Japanese attire in modern fashion, it doesn't look bad on her. What makes the look is her actual interest in Japanese fashion itself and how proudly she wears it.