Vintage on 5th Ave

The Advanced Style set are not only experts at accessorizing, but they have the upper hand when it comes to hairdos as well. I ran into this lady on 5th ave and loved her vintage inspired look and up swept hair.

  • evalyn

    Now THAT'S how you wear red shoes!

  • WOW!! I think she is just stunning…I have always loved that upswept hair do…I did it in the
    70's…have let my hair grow many times since but just can't get there again…so I go short and pink!

  • She has GOT IT!! xxoo Patty

  • I love her hair and her red shoes. And her spirit shining through.
    Un abrazo

  • I really adore her outfit, especially because I love to wear red shoes and believe women in red shoes like adventure.
    Her hair looks super thick– mine would never stay put in that position (fine). It reminds me a bit of Geisha hairstyles although obviously far less ornate.

  • Red shoes are so it! I always have at least one pair of red shoes for each season… red is a neutral when it comes to shoes;-)

  • She looks so Chanel!!!

  • Lovely hairdo! I wish I could get mine to do that…I will have to try it! And I love her whole vintage inspired look…the dress the shoes..Sweet!