A London Lady

When I was a little boy my grandma and I would lie and bed and watch My Fair Lady together. I imagined there would be ladies dressed up like Eliza Doolittle on every London street corner. I ran into this wonderful woman right near Selfridges department store and instantly thought of the great times shared with my grandmother, watching movies and sharing stories. Do you guys have any special memories of your grandparents. I’d love to hear them. Email me at Advancedstyleinfo@gmail.com or comment below!

Ari Seth Cohen
  • I really want that hat!

  • Aw, I love her! She has the most charming smile. Yellow is the happiest of colours.

  • I love her hat. She looks very old world London.

  • She looks lovely in that hat – and so happy. Love from London x

  • She looks a bit like my mother in law, always wearing gloves as the best touch of elegance.
    Un abrazo to everyone.

  • Sue

    She's paid attention to every detail of her appearance. She looks impeccable. Very inspiring!

  • Anonymous

    i just discovered this blog, and im absolutely in love! i work in a fruit and vegetable store where many elder members of the public do their shopping, and i love seeing older men and women wearing beautiful antique brooches, suits etc with real flair (and maybe just the right amount of crazy occaisonly) keep up the great photos!!

  • I love the way her hat brim is exactly parallel to the back of her collar. Such precision doesn't seem to exist when it comes to modern dressing.

  • Suella

    Now you are starting to get some of the older, more well-to-do traditionally dressed shoppers of that area.

    She is no doubt very well turned out at all times.

    I would imagine you made her day.

  • Anonymous

    Very elegant! The bag, shoes and gloves match – this used to be a "must". I seldom switch my bag to match anything. And look at the smile and the fair skin! A lovely lady and very flattering photos – thanks so much.

  • at the intersection of Manchester St and Blandford st, behind Wigmore St, are a few coffee shops, my favourite is EAT.
    Sit there for a few moments, and you will see the cream of London's wealthy ladies cruise past in their finery….