One Cool Guy

I get a bit intimidated to ask fellow photographers if I can take their photo, but this guy looked too cool to resist. He told me that he just dresses in what’s comfortable and that he takes photos for fun. Advanced Style is all about being comfortable in what you wear, which in turn makes you even more stylish!

  • Excellent! Great hat too

  • I couldn´t agree more with you.

  • I love your blog, it's great! I follow you, ok? kisses

  • Great shots! Lovely post…

  • He definitely looks like the type of person you would want to have a coffee with and get to know. Even though he claims to not be concerned about anything but comfort when it comes to his wardrobe, he has got great personal style…offering further proof that great style comes from the inside, not from a store.

  • He does look like a really cool guy! Must have been a fun photo opportunity! He looks like someone who could definitely wear a pair of J SHOES…like the Byron or Peter from the new Autumn/Winter 2010 line 🙂

  • Anonymous

    English teacher here with some proof-reading remarks: their photos (not "there"), too cool (not "to"), and what's comfortable (not "whats").

    Love your blog even with the typos.

  • Oh yes, very cool guy. Xxxx

  • barbara

    Le Corbusier went Chinese.
    Love everything on his outfit.

  • Omg, extremely inspiring! Love this man!

  • evalyn

    Totally hip. Totally cool. Totally totally.

  • Wow, a guy who can interpret "comfort dressing" so stylishly!

  • He is absolutely awesome.

  • fine jacket and just the merest touch of red.

  • Marcia

    Pretty Cool!Be yourself,this is style.

  • Marcia

    Pretty Cool!Be yourself, this is style.