Gitte Lee : The Art of Personal Style

I am back in London finishing up some projects and I had the honor of meeting with my new friend Gitte Lee again. Gitte is one of the most charming and elegant women I have ever met. She has a great instinct about style and how to enjoy life and she shared some of her secrets with me.

Gitte Lee modeled in London over 50 years ago and now is returning to the fashion spotlight. Expect some exciting things from Gitte in the near future including some of my photos of her and some other fashionable ladies in Time Out London and Stella Magazine. Gitte and I started discussing why as of late older men and women are becoming more in vogue in fashion and advertising .Not only are positive and beautiful images of older men and women who are aging gracefully and living life the to the fullest inspirational, but they give people of all generations something to aspire to . A picture of an elegant older lady in an ad campaign adds an element of history, quality, timelessness, and it tells a story. These images are so powerful because there are very few of them and the more they are put out into the world, the more positively people will respond to them.

Like many of the ladies I feature on Advanced Style Gitte has a unique sense of personal style that perfectly suits her. She has her own timeless and elegant and uniform ready for all occasions . Her outfits are the same for every season, a sweater, long coat, and pair of loose trousers. She wears her signature black glasses and different hats to protect her skin from the sun. The true secret to Gitte’s style is that she changes fabrics to suit the season, lighter cotton for the summer, and heavier fabrics during the colder months, but sticks to a simple and clean color palette and structure and accessorizes to suit each outfit. Each beautiful combination is subtly different with the change of a hat or bag and they can be worn day or night in all types of weather.

Gitte was very particular about the way she dressed as a young girl, so she decided to start making her own clothes at the age of nine. I asked her if her style had developed over time, but she told me that she has dressed the same for as long as she can remember. Her signature overcoats were purchased in India and she know longer feels the need to shop as she has everything she needs inside of her closet. We can all take some style cues from Gitte and look out for more of her soon and if you are in London stop by Selfridges Forever Shop to take a look at my photos in person!