In Love With Leopard

I met this woman in front of the Off Broadway Boutique the other day. I was on my way to give the owner,Lynn Dell, a present that I had picked up for her from Florida. It was a fun coincidence that this lady’s coat happened to match the gift!

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  • I love her look. She is fabulous.

  • Love this blog! Where do you find these amazing people?

    Diary of a Dead Barbie

  • Leopard is the King.

  • yeah
    thats such a nice present
    i love your blog
    lg birgit

  • This is my first time visiting this blog, and I instantly adore it! Following. 🙂

  • barbara

    Perfect combo of colors and velvet textures and crowned by this pink lipstick – delicious.
    And yes, leopard is king.

  • I adore this blog, and it makes me so happy! I am so inspired by all these fabulous people, and by your open and appreciative attitude.

  • This blog is great!!!! It is refreshing to see someone featuring older persons in style!

  • really great blog and very interesting! such a unique concept and so admirable

    I added already added you into my blog roll!

    more power sir!

  • I love this, I can not seem to get tired of Animal print, especially leopard. Great Blog Btw 😉

  • Anonymous

    Love your Advanced Style blog.these women have inspired me to continue to age with grace, and to be more daring with my colours and style!
    thank you