A Little Red Lipstick

I spotted this gorgeous woman on Madison Avenue. Her red lipstick was the perfect contrast to her all black outfit. Many ladies have told me that the secret to adding some glamour to an outfit is to wear a little bit of red lipstick. Do you agree?

  • Yes! When I see a women wear lipstick, she instantly looks pulled together.

    However if it's smeared all over her face that's another story…

  • Wonderful, a touch of red!!!!

  • Wonderful, a touch of red!!!!

  • Absolutely agree, Ari.

  • Sue

    Love this bold, confident touch of style!

  • A touch of red lipstick can certainly brighten up my day. However for me it needs to be a soft pinkish red otherwise I look washed out. The tone depends you your skin tone.

  • oh, i completely agree! i'm a big fan of red lipstick, especially as this lady is wearing- simple, chic clothing and otherwise minimal makeup. it's perfection.

  • Yes, absolutely!
    But only with sparkling eyes 😀

  • Gorgeous photo, red lipstick looks fabulous on some women but doesn't work for everyone. I think it depends on hair colour and shape of lips but then I'm not an expert!

  • Agreed. A touch of red at the ears, if not the lops, works also.

  • Definitely, I agree…

  • Bellisima¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  • Anonymous

    NO RED lipstick please! Icky on almost everyone but especially on those of a certain age!

  • Anonymous

    It looks great on some women, on others it can be very ageing. I can't wear it – but I can wear tones of brown from light to deep, rust tones, and plum-browns.I think you need to experiment and not take it for granted that red is the look for you.

  • So funny. When I was younger, I wore lots of red lipstick but something happened and now it ages me. Can't wear it.

  • I would love to know the name/brand of the lipstick she's wearing. It is perfect for her, makes her complexion radiant.

  • Gillie

    Agree with Anonymous who says it can be ageing. Particularly when it bleeds into the lines around lips and emphasises them! Needs to be very carefully applied, with lip liner to start, and ideally a touch of clear gloss over the top.

  • i agree!! xx

  • I'm still mesmerized by her flawless skin.

  • Anonymous

    I am 54 and I wear red lipstick and red nail polish all the time and have since I started wearing lipstick and polish. I love it and think it adds glamour. Especially if you are fair skinned, like your lovely model.

  • i mean i DON"T agree that it is aging, i agree that it is lovely! i only wear one shade, no.22 from the body shop. not pinky, orangy or brown, but a perfect red=)

  • I love it and agree so much!!

    A red lipstick gives the last touch to every outfit and can save your day..

  • I agree completely. I've worm red lipstick for most days during the last 15 years. It's become a trademark of mine. I can wear lipstick and no other makeup and still look great.