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Suzanne, Gold Coast

I met Suzanne and her lovely husband on my trip to the Gold Coast a few months back. They will appear in my new book Advanced Love, out early next year, but available for preorder now HERE ! I can’t wait to share all the incredible couples I have met and photographed over the last few years. For now here is a shot of Suzanne, solo, in one of her wonderful handmade dresses. For more photos of Suzanne check her instagram HERE.

Think Pink

Debra Rapoport has taught me that dressing should be fun.Every time I see her she is wearing a wonderful combination of clothes that she has either thrifted or has been gifted. At 66, she dresses for herself and doesn’t worry about what other people think.Check out her amazing accessories,mostly made from recycled materials!

Turbans and Gold

I met up with Lynn Dell this weekend to shoot a small segment for Norwegian TV. In the process, I couldn’t help photographing her amazing outfit. Lynn is one of the most stylish and spirited women I know. At 78, she believes that everyday should be a celebration and that we should dress for the theater of our lives. Check out the video below to hear more about The Countess of Glamour.