Classic Style on a Windy Day

I saw this stunning woman by 5th Avenue and asked if I could take her photo. The last couple days have been very windy in New York, but that doesn’t stop the advanced style set from dressing up. I asked the lady above if she had any style tips to share and her advice was, “Stick to the classics. You can pair amusing accessories with classic clothing.”
  • Love her, total classic and such elegance.
    xx Emily of EL Vintage

  • outstanding x

  • She looks marvelous, elegant, beautiful!

  • beautiful!!! so graceful! x

  • so elegant and lovely!


    ps. even though I'm not quite at a 'certain age' yet – whenever I am inclined to go out looking like a bag lady I stop by here, so I can SNAP OUT OF IT!


  • Her remark about "amusing accessories" reminds me that, sadly, our popular culture increasingly favors vulgarity and exhibitionism over more subtle expressions such as wit and humor.

  • simple but top class !

  • Very pretty!
    The shoes are beautiful, classic!
    The scholarship wonderful!
    I love the lipstick, combined with the laundry, gave a touch of color!

    XOXO & Female await you in the Infinite.


    Muito bonita!
    Os sapatos são lindos,clássicos!
    A bolsa maravilhosa!
    Adorei o batom,combinou com a roupa,deu um toque de cor!

    Beijão & aguardo você no Infinito Feminino.

  • she has totally beautiful hands, I've always wished for tapered fingers like that

  • She is looking stunning..Stylish and gorgeous!!

  • Super elegante ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
    Besos Isabel.
    Ssas Diary

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