Gorgeous Gloves

I love when I ask someone if I can take their photograph and they proudly announce their age.I saw this stunning woman walking up Madison Avenue and after complimenting her gloves, I asked  if I could take her photo. She replied, “I’m 86” and said that although she doesn’t usually stop for photos on the street that it sounded like a cute idea. I started a page on Advanced Style with photos of other women who aren’t afraid to tell their age, CLICK HERE to check it out.

  • really chic!

  • Carol

    Stunning lady. This is what I want my hair to look like at 86.

  • She looks pretty!!!!

  • She is a gorgeous 86.

  • love!

  • have you seen her eyes…wow!

  • She´s beautiful – and you did a great job … please, go on.

  • Wow she IS stunning!! I've been debating about letting my hair go gray, and the way her beautiful hair acts as a neutral background for gorgeous pops of color is really inspiring. Very well done and lovely photo 🙂

  • 86??!! She looks stunningly elegant!!

  • amazing-looking lady to be 86! her hair is really pretty. i love the elegance she exudes.

  • So elegant 🙂

  • Wow, she's amazing. Love her matching lipstick and leather gloves.

  • I would also be very proud to tell you I am 86 looking like like her, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    She is beautiful, and those gloves have just taken my breath away.

  • She looks fantastic. I love the gloves and the coat is beautiful too!

    The Styleseer

  • Those are fabulous!

  • Wow! I want to look like that when I'm 86. I can only hope!

  • Ben
  • Love the red gloves against the black coat and the red lipstick. Stunning

  • What a beautiful woman! And the gloves – that red – just gorgeous. Wonderful blog, Ari, thank you for the inspiration.

  • Beautiful lady!

  • She wears those gloves so stylishly.

    I love gloves and hats, but cannot wear them quite so chicly as some women can. Oh, I do all right in the winter, but wish I could carry off little gloves and cute hats in the warmer months.

  • Classy beauty! I deeply adore those gloves! Nice work. -xxoo

  • This lady is radiant! I wish I looked like her NOW.

  • She is an attractive! Wearing those gloves so fashionately. If you thought that wearing leather gloves was something that people only did in the winter as a fashion statement, you are totally mistaken. Wearing leather gloves is something that people do all year round.