One Outfit, Two Different Looks

Here Helen is on two different days wearing the same dress and belt. By removing her coat and changing her hat she has created an entirely new look!

The ladies of Advanced Style are masters at using accessories, to create entirely new looks, out of the same outfit. Many of the women I speak to, look at style as an art form,and accessories as their paints. Helen is a great example of someone who has changed her look through the help of accessories. The first time we met she was on one of her daily walks through the East Village. Helen was wearing a beige dress, one of her favorite hats, and a striking coat. The other day I rant into her again wearing the same dress and belt, with a different hat, and no coat.By changing her hat and removing her coat she has created an entirely new look, perfect for a hot summer’s day. Helen’s most important fashion advice is to,”Wear what looks good on you, not on other people.” Take Helen’s advice and play around with what you have in your closet. Add a hat, scarf,or pair of gloves to any outfit and you can change the look completely.

  • What a very attractive lady–all of them. I am fortunate to have dicovered your site, as I love being inspired by the voice of experience.

  • Amazing! What a great blog 😉 The elderly people are always such a source of inspiration to me, love it! ♥

  • Nan

    Wonderful advice from Helen I love it. I'm now looking for gloves as these ladies here all seem to set off their outfits with them. I loved seeing the orange or red gloves with a black coat.

  • Brilliant!!!

  • OMG… this blog is so brilliant on so many levels. THANKS for showing us that fun and joy of life doesn't stop just because we all get older.

    Love this blog!

    Amazing ladies and so much to learn from them 🙂

  • this blog is delightful!


  • I love this so much.
    I want to be as classy as her!

  • Oh she is just so beautiful and so full of spice. I like her style and how she is getting around with her basket, truly inspiring. I'm truly heartened each time I come to your blog Ari. I feel somewhat free when I leave here and go about my business here at home. Housecleaning that is, tee hee. I did put lipstick on this morning to load the dishwasher and water the plants outside. This blog brightens my life. Thank you.

  • I always look forward to your BLOG POSTS!!!! *AWESOME*

  • What a beautiful lady! You can't help but to read and watch with a big smile on your face!

  • Hey ! I very often look at your postings, like today's one very much.
    When I was working at my blog a few minutes ago, I was thinking of advanced style.. hope you will like it

  • Coolest Grandmom on earth! She's very fashionable indeed.

  • beautiful lady! and i think her best accessory is her lovely smile.

  • Love the women you have found. They are very chic, very comfortable with themselves and your stories help tell us we all need to be that way. Very positive. Your photography of them is wonderful. Thank you for sharing with us.

  • Somebody should design a more elegant (and less blue) walking frame for Helen.