One Outfit, Two Different Looks

Here Helen is on two different days wearing the same dress and belt. By removing her coat and changing her hat she has created an entirely new look!

The ladies of Advanced Style are masters at using accessories, to create entirely new looks, out of the same outfit. Many of the women I speak to, look at style as an art form,and accessories as their paints. Helen is a great example of someone who has changed her look through the help of accessories. The first time we met she was on one of her daily walks through the East Village. Helen was wearing a beige dress, one of her favorite hats, and a striking coat. The other day I rant into her again wearing the same dress and belt, with a different hat, and no coat.By changing her hat and removing her coat she has created an entirely new look, perfect for a hot summer’s day. Helen’s most important fashion advice is to,”Wear what looks good on you, not on other people.” Take Helen’s advice and play around with what you have in your closet. Add a hat, scarf,or pair of gloves to any outfit and you can change the look completely.