Which Photo Would You Choose?

Today when I was working on my post about 79 year old Rose, I had a choice to make. I had taken a number of photographs of her, and had to decide which ones to use. I generally keep my photos pretty free of editing. I want to present the most respectful and inspiring images possible, in order to stay true to the spirit of my subjects. It’s interesting how the turn of a head, a hand on the hip,or subtle shift in weight can change the mood of a photo.
When I approach an outstanding lady or gentleman, I always start by giving them a compliment, and then ask if I can take their photo. I prefer to let them pose in which ever way feels most comfortable, only coaching them when they ask for a little help. I like to take photos that are full of vitality and spirit. The men and women I photograph are full of life and it’s my duty to convey this in each photo I take. If you were to post one of the photos above, which would you choose and why?
  • My favourite is the third one: very chic & dynamic pose. Rose looks very feminine!

  • I am torn between #1 and #3, but I think I would choose the first one because I like the fact that it looks completely candid and the tilt of her head shows her face better. I think the middle one is too poised and highlights the pocketbook too much. Great work – I am 62 years old and I LOVE this blog. Kudos to you for highlighting older ladies – it gives me something to look forward to. -Lana http://www.lifeatwildberrycottage.com

  • I like all three but I think the pose in the third picture is lovely…she looks very stylish and relaxed but also demure and almost girlish…she has a beautiful face too 🙂

  • ari

    Thank so much! Its so hard to choose sometimes. I want to post everyone!

    Ari Seth Cohen

  • Anonymous

    I like the third one as well, but I wish her face wasn't so shadowed by the hat! Love your photos!

  • Anonymous

    I like the first one–the jacket adds to the ensemble, which is why I prefer it to the second one, and I like the position of her hands in the first photo (one arm more vertical, the other more horizontal) compared to the third one, where both arms are in roughly the same position.

  • No. 3: That's elegance, vitality, ageless joy of life.

  • The third. Looks most natural, has a sense of movement even though she's still, and shows the outfit best.

  • #3

  • Jan Heigh

    Not that it matters at this late date probably but I choose pose number three.


  • Anonymous

    The third one down is most dynamic!

  • I prefer the first one, a gut reaction on my part. It's more candid, the tilt of her head and bit of off-balance suggests movement, as if she were in the process of turning…she's a very lovely lady!

  • Third one.

    I like the slight movement of skirt and I love how the random guy in the background wears colours to match hers. 🙂

    First is nice, but there is nothing going on in the background. Second is too busy. Three: Perfection.

  • haha, i'm glad to see im not alone with my choice. the third photograph is just a great combination of the first two. it has the ease of the second and the class of the first. composition wise, its nice too.

  • I would choose the third one. It is dynamic and very natural.

  • Hi Ari, happy week to you. Personally I love them all, but if I had to choose one, it would be number 3. Simply because it looks natural to me. It's as if she heard someone say, "Excuse me please," and she just happened to turn around with a smile on her face and her body looks as though she's turned a little towards the voice. She's lovely. Take care.

  • I'd have to say the third is my favorite–I feel it looks very natural and seems to convey a bit of panache (I think that's the word I'm looking for) where Rose's style and personality really seems to shine through. An amazing lady!

  • Anonymous

    The first one. I like the tilt of her head and the slight breeze on her skirt. She's beautiful.

  • Anonymous

    I like the third photo – it looks less posed. The first one is good, but she looks more relaxed in the third.

  • the first one is my favorite. Chic, confident pose and better lighting overall.

  • I'd choose the third one as well. I think it has the most natural look to it…

  • No. 3!

  • For me it's between the first and the third. I'd choose the first because of the action that is implied.
    I am so happy to have found your blog and to be a follower – it brightens my day whenever you post.

  • Janis

    The first. More dynamic.

  • Oh the third for me, too…I love the movement of the skirt as if she had just twirled around and the placement of her hand doesn't hide her belt. What a lovely woman!!

  • The third photo for sure, there is less shadow on her face and the pose is more relaxed, very elegant lady.

  • Anonymous

    I like the first (top) one. Her face is lit better, and the pose is less "posed", more candid, and has a sense of movement to it. This shot is the one most becoming to her.

  • Anonymous

    #3… You still see her lovely gloves and she looks more relaxed and natural. Ari, you do such a wonderful job of bringing these fabulous women into the spotlight. THANK YOU!

  • #2 looks like she is posing. #1 looks like she doesn't quite have her jacket on and #3 is PERFECT! 🙂 Just found your blog and am loving it. Turning 50 next year is haunting me already. Your blog is helping me see the future differently. Thank you

  • Number 3 is by far my favorite. It's more flattering to the subject and more interesting to the viewer.

  • The third. The breeze in her skirt adds movement and spontaneity while still showing the entire outfit. She has such a lovely figure, though, that it's a shame to hide it with that jacket.

  • Without question it would be the third one. She seems a little stiff and too "posed" in the first two. It would be interesting to know what order they were taken in.

    The Styleseer

  • Anonymous

    It's a tough choice between #1 and #3 but I like the way she looks at the camera in #1, so that's my choice.

  • good look mama =) Voyance

  • i too liked #1 and #3 but my favorite would be #3 because she looks more natural and relaxed

  • #3 would be my choice because the hands seem most natural.

  • I would choose the first photograph, because the Lady looks more daring and active than in picture number two (here the way she holds the bag protectively in front of her is making her older than in the first one). All three are great pictures, but I love the first most.

  • By the way: I just wrote a post on "Role models" on "You are witty and pretty" and mentioned your blog – with enthusiastic responses. Thank you – yours is really a great, motivating blog!

  • HS

    love her hat, she gorgeous


  • I have to say No 1 as it places the most light on Rose's face and therefore shows her features the best.

    She looks very fresh and comfortable in her summer clothes….

    I on the other hand am in the midst of winter…fresh clear sunny days and snow in the mountains nearby….I am of course in Nelson, New Zealand…just a few miles away from New York.

    Always love to read your blog and enjoy the images you share!


  • Going for nr 2, although I do realize that will not help at all as everyone is going for the 1 and 3..
    it is the foot I think and the eyes. she seems almost to funerable in the other photo's. in this one the shadow of the hat protects they eyes a bit.

  • Anonymous

    I was joyful when I saw the "Long Line of Presentation" post, where you used photo #2. She looks just like my beloved grandmother standing there. I also liked the close-up #3 in that set – nice for details and seeing her face clearly. Other than that, #3 in "Which Photo" seems natural and unaffected.
    Thank you for your blog!

  • the first one. i l ike the side-ish view, and the color is lighter and brighter.

  • I recently discovered this blog, and I love it! I would choose the third image because it looks the most natural.

  • The third,it feels complete.

  • First of all, I cannot believe I've only just found your blog. It is amazing. I personally love the third photo of Rose. Also, I love in the previous post her explanation about how one piece should not outdo another. She is just wonderful.

    Have a great day!

  • # 3 – she's lovely (and so are you for sharing these beautiful, stylish ladies and gentlemen with us)!

  • Nan

    The third one she just looks very cool and natural in that one.

  • In the first photo, she looks a bit anxious. I like the outfit best in the second photo. I would choose the third picture because it is the most flattering of the lady.

  • The third, she looks natural, effortless.

  • Anonymous

    #3 for all the reasons stated above…

  • #1. Just because I like it most.

  • I'd pick the third pic because she looks so fresh and modern:)

  • The third picture clearly. The second picture has a weird military or manly vibe, plus the jacket is missing, and i love her jacket. The first picture – she looks somehow too protective of herself – her smile it's more unnatural. The third picture would be the good one – she has a clear vibe – her hands position are more relaxed. At least that is what I would choose.

  • Hey nice blog.I love second one.The pictures convey true passion for going the extra mile in design.

  • Definitely #3. Her pos in #1 looks a bit awkward and self-conscious, and she looks a bit hesitant in #2, but she looks confident and elegant in #3!

  • SHe looks quite lovely in all of them, Ari, but I like #3 the best. She looks relaxed and at ease with the photographer. Was it actually one that you took later in the shoot? Perhaps she did become more at ease with you (or your photographer). Wanda in Edmonton

  • Marie-Christine

    Of course she looks great in all of them :-). But I'd definitely drop no2, which is too posed. And I prefer no1 to no3, because it looks more spontaneous and lively while showing essentially all the same ingredients.

  • Defiintely the third one. The first looks like she isn't quite ready for the shutter; the second one is too stiff. (In all of them, though, she looks very confident and proud, like all your subjects – you must have a good approach!)

  • Jan

    Wow, I'm definitely in the minority choosing photo 2, without the jacket. There is a timelessness about the pose but also a boldness – I love seeing her looking back at us straight on with that relaxed smile. The dress and accessories just speak to me in #2, a classic look. I think the hemline of this dress could come up a good 6 inches, giving it a somewhat updated profile, and it looks like the lady has fine legs that she should show off.

  • The top photo. She is not so stiff, more with the moment, see more of her beautiful face. — barbara

  • Anonymous

    Photo number 2, as it shows Rose’s fabulously strong but still feminine shoulders off to perfection.

    – Tessa

  • Anonymous

    Photo number 2, as it shows Rose’s fabulously strong but still feminine shoulders off to perfection.

    – Tessa

  • #3

  • I would choose #3. I like her smile in that picture. I like the way her eyes are shaded. The wind has kicked up her skirt a little, too and it makes it look very candid. Love the outfit!

  • The first and third are better poses, but the second one is such a good contrast between dressing well, and well, just dressing, as are the people in the background.

  • #3

  • I think #1. I like the breeze playing with the hem of the dress.
    Thank you for such a great site. Linda Newton-Perry of the online bigfoot magazine, Bigfoot Ballyhoo