Which Photo Would You Choose?

Today when I was working on my post about 79 year old Rose, I had a choice to make. I had taken a number of photographs of her, and had to decide which ones to use. I generally keep my photos pretty free of editing. I want to present the most respectful and inspiring images possible, in order to stay true to the spirit of my subjects. It’s interesting how the turn of a head, a hand on the hip,or subtle shift in weight can change the mood of a photo.
When I approach an outstanding lady or gentleman, I always start by giving them a compliment, and then ask if I can take their photo. I prefer to let them pose in which ever way feels most comfortable, only coaching them when they ask for a little help. I like to take photos that are full of vitality and spirit. The men and women I photograph are full of life and it’s my duty to convey this in each photo I take. If you were to post one of the photos above, which would you choose and why?