Black and White

[Maryann in Chanel and  Givenchy]
Maryann always looks meticulously coordinated in her wonderful outfits and great accessories. Watch the video below for some more style inspiration.

Advanced Style presents: Maryann from teenage peanut video productions on Vimeo.

  • The black and white crochet jacket is gorgeous!

    The Styleseer

  • Her jewelry pieces are amazing.
    She has a great style and may I say I love her home decor in the video.

  • I am a serious fan of black and white and love her look.
    The crocheted sweater is very Chanel-esque.

    I am so enjoying these wonderful images and the blog is one of my new favourites!

    Thank you!

  • Rebecca

    Stunning woman and the outfit is so sophisticated and yet fun.

  • Nice Jewerly!!!

    Peace & Love.


  • I like to take a look in her closet…..

    xoxo from Amsterdam

  • Boy, I'd love to have a friend that loves to dress up and be creative like this! So inspiring! She looks amazing.

  • i love, LOVE this! maryann has a youthful yet ultra-chic approach to dressing that really resonates with me.
    i want her black leather vest! 😉

  • A very special, talented and of course fashionable soul!

  • that necklace is just fabulously opulent! i adore it!

  • Wow! She's so cool!
    Such style!
    Great post!

  • Classy woman of course. Love her jewelery. Thanks for sharing.

  • OMG! Just stumbled across your videos and now your blog.. and I gotta say, I'm a little bit in love with you and what you're doing! It's so amazing and it makes me very happy to watch the videos about style in different ages, style and getting older..just hear them talk about colors, style, advice etc. <3 Happy happy happy!

    Thanks for sharing!

    /Maria from Sweden

  • Absolutely fabulous!

  • I must know where she sells her jewelry!!! Her pieces are beautiful!! Where can I find them??

  • I dig the crochet jacket here. I can't decided if it's RTW or handmade. In any event, it would be easy to make and thread black ribbon (preferably velvet) in and around the edges.

  • Stunning! She is my hero 😀

  • Maryann rocks it.
    Gawd I love this blog!!