An Advanced Style Short

[A Short by Lina Plioplyte and Ari Seth Cohen]

I started Advanced Style a little more than three years ago. When I first moved to New York I was living in Williamsburg, working at The New Museum book store, and shooting stylish ladies and gentleman on my days off. Almost everyday I would get sandwiches and tea from a local cafe, down the street. I met an awesome young woman by the name of Lina Plioplyte. She was working at the cafe and interning for Nylon Magazine, doing film and editing. One day I came in to get a sandwich and told Lina, ” I just moved here will you be my friend.” She laughed, but I knew that we would become great friends one day.

Lina got a job with Nylon and I saw her once in a while at art shows. One day she sent me a message over Facebook saying, ” I want to make a film about your stylish older ladies.” I was excited to meet with her and hear all of her ideas.Two and a half years later, we have been filming the Advanced Style ladies in all their sartorial splendor. We have compiled wonderful and inspiring footage, that will not only change people’s perception of aging, but will also make us all look forward to the freedom that comes with getting older.

Last March we posted a short trailer of our work on NOWNESS. Here is an extended version of our edit, which debuted in October, at Diane Pernet’s, A Shaded View On Fashion Film Festival in Paris.Lina and I hope to complete our film by next year, but for now I hope you enjoy the new edit above.For more great work by filmmaker Lina Plioplyte CLICK HERE.

  • Suella

    Great Ari. Lovely to see and hear more from these women who are having such fun with their own unique style. I hope you finished film has some Deborah too?

  • Love this. I'm a little envious, though. These ladies sure have got it going on.

  • Ari, you and Lina did an amazing job with the video. Love the ladies. All of them are beautiful, stylish, intelligent women and wonderful role models for the younger set! The best part of being over fifty is that we know who we are and aren't so worried about any one else's ideas of who we should or should not be..

  • ari

    It sure will have lots of Debra!!!

  • I can watch this over and over and it makes me smile every time. You and Lina did a fabulous job and I can't wait for the full length version.

  • It's amazing!

  • Sandy

    I love her films…
    I love the:
    I'm between 50 and death…made me laugh.

    Some of these sayings should be "buttons"…I'd buy one.

  • I just love this short film, well edited, I can't wait to see the full film. I love the last comment, perfect to end the short.

  • fabulous!

  • Such a great short. I tell ya, I get goosebumps seeing such fantastic style on these BEAUTIFUL woman. "This is what I am, this is what you get." I say: more please.
    the Citizen Rosebud

  • The short is Grand, just GRAND! Congratulations to Ari & Lina.

  • Oh this is wonderful Ari. I see that by You Tube that we can embed and so I am definitely going to share this video on my blog and of course give you the credit. I think my fellow bloggers would love to see this. Thanks Ari, love it.

  • Anonymous

    AWESOME! I am in love with the exuberant joie de vivre that these women possess. Young women may have beautiful skin but these women have beautiful souls, and that is so much more desirable!

  • I think your blog is important and that it amuses

  • I wish it were feature length! Love this clip so much and watch it regularly. Thank you, Ari and Lina.

  • fabulous, fabulous… my dad is 88, and doing well. I hope to live to be 98 and these ladies are great inspiration….

  • Fantastic, thank you! Very uplifting and encouraging! Gorgeous ladies, gorgeous souls, spreading joy and beauty…

  • oooh this is lovely!!!!!!!!!

  • Whaouhhh, soo powerful!!! I like !!! I can't wait to start to be old!!! Really lovely!!!

  • How wonderful to hear the voices behind the faces! Well done!

  • i´ve just watched it and it´s great! congrats!! you and lina made and awesome work

  • Anonymous

    These clothes are absolutely fabulous. If you love fashion, imagine the fun of shopping with any of these women. Advanced Style is such a fitting name, not only because of the women and their years, but because I cannot imagine a younger person being able to carry these clothes. They are so at once wordly, sophisticated while at the same time artistic and whimsical in such a manner that you have to have lived an amount of years for them to suit you at all. If that makes any sense.

  • I'm such a fan of your blog & the ladies that feature on it ~ its such an inspiration to see women who have aged so well in both sense of style and outlook on life.

  • LOVE it!!! These ladies are inspirations for all of us. Thank you:)

  • This is just perfect. Wonderful. Perfectly wonderful. It's lovely to actually hear the voices belonging to the ladies of Advanced Style – not only do they jump off the page, they jump off the film as well!


  • This is just perfect. Wonderful! Perfectly wonderful.


  • I want every woman, girl, lady, gal, chick, babe, dame and tart I know to see this! And all the dudes too!

  • Hi, I'm 38 and writing because I just wanted to say I find your blog so empowering. At my age I'm leaving youth behind while feeling and looking better than 20 years ago. The beautiful images you show make me look forward to what I may become, instead of regreting what I had or did not have when I was (wrongly) supposed to be at my prime. Keep up the good work, you supply us with role models that go way beyond fashion.

  • great experience..a role model indeed.