An Advanced Style Short

[A Short by Lina Plioplyte and Ari Seth Cohen]

I started Advanced Style a little more than three years ago. When I first moved to New York I was living in Williamsburg, working at The New Museum book store, and shooting stylish ladies and gentleman on my days off. Almost everyday I would get sandwiches and tea from a local cafe, down the street. I met an awesome young woman by the name of Lina Plioplyte. She was working at the cafe and interning for Nylon Magazine, doing film and editing. One day I came in to get a sandwich and told Lina, ” I just moved here will you be my friend.” She laughed, but I knew that we would become great friends one day.

Lina got a job with Nylon and I saw her once in a while at art shows. One day she sent me a message over Facebook saying, ” I want to make a film about your stylish older ladies.” I was excited to meet with her and hear all of her ideas.Two and a half years later, we have been filming the Advanced Style ladies in all their sartorial splendor. We have compiled wonderful and inspiring footage, that will not only change people’s perception of aging, but will also make us all look forward to the freedom that comes with getting older.

Last March we posted a short trailer of our work on NOWNESS. Here is an extended version of our edit, which debuted in October, at Diane Pernet’s, A Shaded View On Fashion Film Festival in Paris.Lina and I hope to complete our film by next year, but for now I hope you enjoy the new edit above.For more great work by filmmaker Lina Plioplyte CLICK HERE.