5th Avenue Elegance

This weekend I scanned the busy block of 5th Avenue looking for visual inspiration. My eye was immediately drawn to this gorgeous hat. I snapped a quick shot of the hat from behind, in hopes that I could eventually make my way through the crowded streets, and catch up to the elegant woman wearing it. I finally found a break and made my way to ask her if I could take her photograph. I told her that I loved how elegantly she was dressed and that I wished people still dressed up as beautifully as she had. She told me, ” This is my look, it’s how I dress everyday.” The Advanced Style ladies take pride in their presentation-notice how perfectly she matches her hat, head scarf, lipstick and earrings. After I finished taking her photograph, I gave her my card and we said goodbye. I get to meet the most amazing people walking around the streets of New York. I really love what I do and I hope these images provide everyone with a little bit of positivity and inspiration.

  • Anonymous

    Even before I read your text, I thought, "Oh, what a pretty shade of lipstick!"

  • I follow your blog daily and you're photography of these wonderful women is an inspiration to me! Keep up the great work! Robin aka Gotham Girl at http://www.gothamgirlphotography.com

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  • That hat is lovely 🙂

  • I have a pink hat, just like that one, from my mom-in-law!
    I love it!

    ~Natasha Fatah~

  • Your blog makes me smile every day – Thank you Ari!

  • Your blog makes me smile everyday – thank you Ari.
    And thank your lovely ladies for me as well.

  • I like the hat colour matching the earrings and the scarves (even the lipstick). She has this sparkle in her eyes.

  • Yes, she certainly is elegant. I love the hat/headscarf combination.

  • Thank you Ari for showing us these wonderful women; I love this elegant woman's beautiful use of the scarf under her hat; very becoming and most practical. She has inspired me to do the same.

  • I discovered your blog a few weeks ago. I love coming around. I'll be only 50 this year, This is just a soft way to get older… Those people are gorgeous !!!
    Thanks to you.

  • Oooh. ♥

  • Your pictures provide huge portions of positivity and inspiration! Since I discovered your blog I am even more daring and caring with what I wear! Looking forward to your next post! Christa

  • The second I saw the hat, I wanted it. I'm so glad you articulated some of the things that make these ladies so elegant. It's like a mini-fashion lesson.

  • Love her look… so elegant!

  • Beautiful!! You definitely inspire! Thank-you Ari! I was pretty excited for you when I saw your friend showing your book on the "Today show" a while back!

  • Annette

    Love your blog Ari and this is another reason why. This lady is indeed elegant. She is a wonderful example and I love her attitude about dressing up daily.

  • Anonymous

    Isn't this the actress Rosemary Harris?

  • what a beautiful face she has!

  • She looks beautiful! I love the way she matches everything! 🙂


  • Anonymous

    Hi, I found your pictures on Italian Magazine "L'Espresso" on line and I'm discovering something beautiful and different. Congratulations, I'll follow your blog with interest. Antonietta from Italy

  • That first picture reminds me so much of my grandmother. From raincoat to hat, that is exactly how she looked from the back. It is especially poignant today, as I am wearing her raincoat and missing her a lot today.

    Thank you for this post!

  • Awesome Ari! She is beautiful!

  • Very elegant indeed!!!

  • I love her look – I wonder if her scarf is Hermes? She is such a Dame, as my grandpapa would call her! Beautiful.


  • Oh heck, these women are just gorgeous. Thank you for this wonderful website. I love that it shows we never have to stop being stylish or happy with ourselves!

    I nominated you as one of my top 7 inspirational bloggers on my blog. It's part of the inspirational blogger award, and I had to nominate 7 of my own.

    I love this blog, I love the ladies (and the gentlemen!!) Thank you for such a great thing.


  • Anonymous

    light as a feather, the ballerina

  • Your blog is hands down the most inspiring style blog out there! Thank you for sharing all these lovely ladies with the rest of the world. 🙂

  • Thats the way to wear a hat!

  • Margaretha

    Just fabulous! I have just discovered your blog and love it!