5th Avenue Elegance

This weekend I scanned the busy block of 5th Avenue looking for visual inspiration. My eye was immediately drawn to this gorgeous hat. I snapped a quick shot of the hat from behind, in hopes that I could eventually make my way through the crowded streets, and catch up to the elegant woman wearing it. I finally found a break and made my way to ask her if I could take her photograph. I told her that I loved how elegantly she was dressed and that I wished people still dressed up as beautifully as she had. She told me, ” This is my look, it’s how I dress everyday.” The Advanced Style ladies take pride in their presentation-notice how perfectly she matches her hat, head scarf, lipstick and earrings. After I finished taking her photograph, I gave her my card and we said goodbye. I get to meet the most amazing people walking around the streets of New York. I really love what I do and I hope these images provide everyone with a little bit of positivity and inspiration.