• She looks like a doll. Beautiful.

  • She's looking us right in the eye, no fear, no hesitation.

  • carol

    …..an image of ….sturdy….

  • The women of the world hold the world on their shoulders

  • This image is so real. Fantastic. Thank you for sharing.


  • Gorgeous photo and amazing headwear. Happy that you didn't resist.

  • What a wonderful photo. She does look like a little doll.

  • I follow you !!! I find your blog genius and revolutionary ! I esteem you ! 🙂


  • Lovely photo and yup – no matter where in the world you are there's nothing like a pop of emerald to add magic:)

  • Traditional dress is usually so perfectly balanced (unless it's very much over the top), great inspiration!

  • My husband and I lived in China for 5 yrs and one of my very favorite trips was visiting several Miao villages in Guizhou Province. I took 1500 photos in 3 days…. amazing place!