Vintage Glamour

I spend a lot of my time looking at vintage fashion photography, old movies and advertisements. I have appreciated vintage glamor ever since the first day my grandmother showed me pictures from her old scrapbooks. My eyes were always drawn to the wonderful hats and gloves worn by all the seemingly elegant individuals. The other day 80-year-old Joyce Carpati brought out some of the hats that she has kept for over 50 years. Joyce has been wearing her hair in a braid for a number of years, so it was fun to see her try on these wonderful hats and create an entirely new look. While taking photos of Joyce, I remembered a quote from my dear friend Mimi Weddell, “The only romantic thing left in life is a hat.” What do you think of Joyce’s hat makeover?


so it was wonderful to see her

  • I recently tried on some vintage hats that a friend had. Thought I would look stupid in them, but they were so wonderful. I loved best the little net veils, so much cheaper than Botox!

  • She's stunning, the hats are perfect and that first photo stole my breath away!

  • she looks gorgeous and elegant!

  • Anonymous

    So wonderful! When did we begin to be reticent about hats? Every style in this wonderful eye you bring to this blog is unique. All show beauty as varied, and attainable at any age. Thank you Ari, and thank you Joyce. Your style of elegance is the most endangered of mainstream personal statements. You give us all water to the parched spirit of beauty and grace. You are a gift, both of you.

  • Very glamorous lady

  • Love the animal print, and how it will forever remain a classic. Looking at these women, I see they know what is good for them,and if it's good for them, then it's good for me! Lovely post. Darling red lip stick.

  • If these women know the importance of animal prints and ditsy prints, then we younger women must not forget their power! Love the red lip stick, and the captivating pearls, and not to mention the gloves. Oh the fresh air I breathe when I come here!xoxo

  • Love the hats….I have a pair of my Grandmothers gloves simple but very elegant….:)

  • oh gosh, any woman looks fantastic in a vintage hat. i am having a mr. john jr moment right now. love this blog!!!!


  • She is absolutely beautiful and I love her hat!

  • How elegant can one person be?? She is so regal and stately and has the demenor that has somehonw gone by the wayside in this American culture of teen worship.

  • What I like about Joyce in these pictures is that nothing she has on is LOUD or kooky looking. It's just elegant…as is Joyce.

  • It's amazing that she has kept the hats for so long. Such a sweet lady!

  • She's so beautiful it's unbelievable that she's 80 years old

  • maven

    She is beautiful.

  • Joyce est très belle et élégante. J'adore
    ces chapeaux. Toujour chic!

  • She looks so elegant and fabulous. Her timeless look reminds us that defining our own style never gets old!

  • Anonymous

    absolutely lovely!

    and may i say, she has a wonderful nose! so strong and beautiful. just right for her face.


  • Joyce looks beautiful and elegant in her vintage hats. Leopard print and veils are transformative and powerful!

  • She should wear hats more often. She looks absolutely stunning. Makes me want to try a pillbox hat!

  • I absolutely love her vintage hats and am inspired to start wearing hats more often myself. After all I, too, am rapidly approaching the age where hats are the only romantic thing left (great quote!.

  • The hats look wonderful on Joyce, but what a stunning suite in the last picture WOW!

  • love her hat and makeup! xo!

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  • She is so elegant. I love those hats on her with her lovely hair.

  • Lynne97060

    For the first photo – Wow! For the second, Luscious! And for the third – Amazing…

  • Bob Dylan's "Leopardskin Pillbox Hat" is playing in our heads! Joyce looks just marvelous in hats. Ari, this is a terrific change of pace. You always keep us guessing.
    Jean & Valerie

  • Joyce is truly beautiful. She has a great style, but whatever she wears, her kind of mischievous features (English is not my mother’s tongue, so just in case, this is meant as a compliment) always steal the show! You always see her face first, and then, you notice the clothes…

  • Jo

    Your hat's are so elegant, absolutely <3

  • She is beautiful…
    Love your blog
    and this One Woman who is in her late 70's can see so much beauty
    in the ladies you photograph…

  • That gal could put a tea cozy on her head and STILL be so elegant.

    • My sentiments exactly! Joyce exudes elegance, no matter what she wears!

    • Agreed. Joyce exudes elegance, no matter what she wears!

  • Ms J is beautiful and the epitome of 'allure'.

  • She is LOVELY!!!


  • She is stunning at any age! The photographs are wonderful.

  • Joyce is beautiful no matter what she wears. Her style of elegance inspires me, and her hats 'notch' her up to another level. Awesome!