A Delightful Encounter

I met this gorgeous woman at my book signing at Forest Trace  last week. She just moved to Florida  from New York where she worked in the fashion industry for years. She told me that she made her  headband especially for my event and apologized for her missing dentures. She had to have dental surgery and didn’t want to let this stop her from coming to the event. I was incredibly moved by this wonderfully talented woman and couldn’t wait to share her photo with you all.

  • I love this woman and her photo. I hope that I will remains as determined, strong, curious and expressing style. This photo touches me. Thanks you for posting it…for taking it.

  • i am so inspired by her confidence

  • What an inspiring role model! I truly admire her determination to live and enjoy her life no matter the current circumstances; she's not letting anything hold her back!

  • Gorgeous story so sweet that she made the headband for the occasion and braved it without her dentures! Carla x

  • This is one of the most beautiful photos I have seen in a long time! What a lovely lady.

  • I look her a passionate woman
    I like her 🙂

  • your photo is amazing 😀
    love this
    High res Images

  • OUTSTANDING!!! Talk about INSPIRATIONAL!!! This lady has it all!!! Creativity, determination, presentation, and a positive attitude that is a gift of love to all of us who read this post. Thank you ARI!!!!!

  • She looks amazing!

  • This wonderful woman is an inspiration for us all. Is'nt she delightful?

  • Ohh she is precious.

  • Anonymous

    we should all be so inspiring!

    love her style and her spirit!


  • Gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    Creativity and a bold spirit!

  • Tell her she is beautiful with all her colors. She is so stylish that I am imagining her with a cigarette in a long cigarette holder in the hand up by her shoulder. Not that I'd want her to smoke, but it just seems it would fit the pose!

  • The headband is scrumptious! What a confident, creative and bold woman. I want to be like her – please!