My Style Icons

Derrill Osborn shot by The Sartorialist

Wanny Di Filippo

Nana Helen and Papa Hal

Growing up, I was always impressed by how dapper and put together my grandfather was. I remember admiring his collection of brightly-hued cashmere sweaters, argyle socks, and beautifully tailored Italian sports coats. I knew that one day I would aspire to be as debonair as my Papa Hal and was always encouraged when he would tell me with an approving glance, “Ari, you look like a Beau Brummel today.” My Papa has always been an icon to me, both for his incredible sense of style, and his attitude towards life.

As of late, I have adopted a few new style icons — men who are equally daring in their outward presentation as their bold character.  I hope you take a bit of inspiration from my style icons: Wanny Di Filippo, Derrill Osborn, and Papa Hal.

  • Derrill wooow. Gracias por compartir. Quiero invitarte esta vez a ver mi ultimo shooting, para QA, muévete a verlo. Besos y besos.

  • How fun Wanny is. I would love to have a conversation with him for I too am a baby boomer. Linda Newton-Perry of the online bigfoot magazine Bigfoot Ballyhoo

  • What fabulous style all these men have!

  • Wonderfull!!!!

  • WOW! The video of Darrill Osborn is so well done!!! The background music captured me, then the sound of his voice, then the whole presentation was WONDERFUL!! I have no interest in watches and I was completely FASCINATED!!! Derrill is a true artist through and through and the one who made the video is also!!! Was that you Ari?? And if only I could meet and be in Wanny's presence. He is one of a kind and I feel blessed just by watching him on this video. Thank you Ari!!!!

  • Great icons. I do need to stop and think about who my style icons are.



  • Lynne97060

    Always thought menswear was so limiting, but these men break the rules so joyfully! Nothing like color to turn a frown upside down1

  • Can these guys be any cooler? I love all the color and era mix and match.

  • Three fabulously stylish men!! I would love to hang out with Wanny for an afternoon.

  • waaow. i love the pictures. their style is nice. the blog is awsum.
    im folowing you right now 🙂

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  • What a great style.

  • Que peculiares y bonitos estilos. Me agradan y estimo mucho tu trabajo

  • As a 60 YO woman who fell in love with her Grandfather's watch fob millenia ago, I so appreciate this entry! I have recent losses whom I may document through "charms", and now I know I can link all of us through the chain – Of Life! As it were. Thank you, Ari, for appreciating the individuality and creativity of all souls.

  • Wow. Stunning gentlemen all.

  • fascinating …

  • La primera imagen es simplemente genial!

  • Ari, your choices of style icons are truly wonderful. Doesn't having a source of inspiration challenge you to look at clothes and life in a new way? Loved this post and the photographs you chose.
    Jean & Valerie

  • This post of your blog is really great. All these old guys are looking awesome.

  • I was up here last evening looking at these photos when my husband said to me "i want to be that guy when i grow up" and i said to him "so do I", love…


  • Fabulous style!