My Style Icons

Derrill Osborn shot by The Sartorialist

Wanny Di Filippo

Nana Helen and Papa Hal

Growing up, I was always impressed by how dapper and put together my grandfather was. I remember admiring his collection of brightly-hued cashmere sweaters, argyle socks, and beautifully tailored Italian sports coats. I knew that one day I would aspire to be as debonair as my Papa Hal and was always encouraged when he would tell me with an approving glance, “Ari, you look like a Beau Brummel today.” My Papa has always been an icon to me, both for his incredible sense of style, and his attitude towards life.

As of late, I have adopted a few new style icons — men who are equally daring in their outward presentation as their bold character.  I hope you take a bit of inspiration from my style icons: Wanny Di Filippo, Derrill Osborn, and Papa Hal.