At The Easter Parade

I love going to the Easter Parade every year and seeing all the people dressed up walking down 5th Ave. There are so many wild and wonderful things to see, but I make it  a mission to take inspiration from the costumes, but only photograph those dressed in their everyday clothing. I photographed the woman above two years ago, in a stunning purple floral hat, and was excited to to see her this year in an equally gorgeous red one. I’ll be posting more photos from the parade this week. 

On a side note I was featured on NPR’s Morning Edition today. If you wanna take a listen CLICK HERE.

  • I heard your story on NPR here in Atlanta and I had to check out your blog and the fabulous ladies mentioned. Love what you do!

  • Anonymous

    Heard about your blog on radio today and immediately checked it out. Thank you for realizing that older women love and enjoy being stylish!!

  • Anonymous

    Congrats on the NPR spot. Came to check out your blog after hearing it.

  • fantastic…love the hats!

  • I have your book. Heard you this a.m. I was beginning to think I might be "too old" to do some things when your book came out. You and Ilona and others have reminded me that you are never to old to dream and dress with style. I love dressing with color and pizazz and making life fun.

  • The hats and your interview are glorious!

  • Fabulous pearl embroidery, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Anonymous

    Heard the NPR article and came to see for myself. Yay!!! Love the character shown in your photos! I'll visit again, often.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for not forgetting us older folks…

  • The interview on NPR today was as wonderful as the pictures on your blog. Stylish and unforgettable. Every day is a great day. Dress the part!

    Thank you for a window into a vibrant world.

  • Dana Taylor

    Seems like a good many of us heard the story on NPR this morning! I posted a link to it on my Facebook wall, and other folks have commented and shared. Good for you 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I'm so happy I started following you before you got famous on NPR! 😉

    Actually, I really like this. Beauty comes in all forms, not just size 2 age 22. Thanks.

  • Like others, I heard about your book and blog on NPR.
    Any attention we can add to the older people the better.
    Your efforts should be applauded.

  • Anonymous

    heard a story on npr about this. i love this blog! i will be following it from now on:)

  • That's so exciting about your NPR spot. I can't wait to listen to it.

    You know the Movie Easter Parade? It's totally one of my favorite movies and I watch it every Easter. I had no idea that an Easter Parade is still done in NY. That's awesome.

  • Oh! She is so very beautiful. I wonder if this lady makes her own hats, they are just stunning and suit her so much. I also like that she wears fake fur with so much style. And your photos of this lady are just great Ari, I particularly like the one posed from the side. Thanks for the enjoyment!

  • Interesting, this morning my sister came over and told me she heard the most interesting feature on NPR on her way over. It was all about you and your lovely ladies! I of course, had to share how much I'm already a huge fan!

  • I'm so happy to see her again!! I remember her vividly from the first photo, and she looks amazing in this one.

  • Fabulous hats!also pearl embroidery is something…

  • I love Your blog… It makes me smiling every day. You show that every woman is pretty!

  • Great pics! Love the colors…beautiful!

  • In Vilnius we have similar person. Although she's a stroller, she allways looks perfect and colourful. Everybody call her "Rose"

  • I wish I had the confidence of these older people to pull off these amazing bold looks!